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Chest Medicine

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Chest Medicine

The Chest Clinic treats and cares for patients with any respiratory disease or suspected respiratory problems. The clinic has facilities for investigations such as spirometry, oximetry, skin allergy tests, chest x-ray, CT scans, and fibreoptic bronchoscopy. We also have a modern pulmonary function laboratory.

Clinics in Chest Medicine updates those in the fields of anesthesia, critical care, and respiratory medicine on the latest trends in patient management, providing a sound basis for choosing the best treatment options.

The Department of Chest Medicine offers diagnostic facilities & treatment services for pulmonary disorders. Environmental Pollution Research Centre (EPRC : respiratory morbidity health survey unit) has a unique community outreach service to detect impact of environmental factors on lung health. Diagnostic & treatment services are offered to patients with various lung diseases like Bronchial Asthma, COPD, Interstitial Lung Diseases, occupational lung disorders, lung cancer, Tuberculosis, Pneumonias , sleep disordered breathing and acute and chronic respiratory failure .